Research Project Process


If you are selected for the award of CF RIA research funding, the following documents must be provided prior to the start of research. In addition, no project may begin prior to the execution of a research agreement.

  • Full clinical trial protocol 
  • IRB/REB approval
  • IACUC/CCAC approval

Award recipients are required to notify the CF RIA steering committee prior to the implementation of any changes to their research plan.


Written progress reports will be expected by the steering committee 6 months from the start of the project and then at agreed 6-month intervals.



The CF RIA program strongly encourages the award recipients to publish work carried out under an award. This includes abstract submissions to congresses and manuscripts submitted to peer-reviewed journals. 

The CF RIA program expects all investigators to review the guiding principles set forth by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors and comply with their registration and publication requirements, which can be found here:


Award recipients will be invited to present their research plan or resulting data at a research event.


If the award recipient fails to comply with the terms of the agreement or the regulations under the terms of the agreement, Vertex will reserve the right to discontinue award funding.


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