Mentored Research Innovation Award

The Mentored Research Innovation Award provides support for the next generation of CF researchers to conduct a mentored research project in the field of CF and gain the experience needed for future research independence. The selected projects must advance our understanding or treatment of CF.

Up to 4 grants of $125,000 over 2 years will be awarded to support research projects mentored by an established CF researcher. The program is designed to support clinical and non-clinical research in CF and applications are welcome from across the spectrum in this field.

Submitting a proposal

Eligibility Criteria

  • Mentored trainees working in CF research (basic or clinical)
  • PhD, MD, or equivalent
  • No more than 8 years from terminal degree
  • Does not have an independent research program or independent extramural funding (other than K awards or other training awards)
  • Mentored by an established CF researcher
  • Performing research in the field of CF

 All CF RIA awards are selected by an independent steering committee. 

Selection Criteria

A. Quality of proposal 

  • Innovation of research
  • Feasibility of research
  • Alignment to the CF RIA progam’s research focus

B. Ability of principal investigator to deliver the project 

  • Experience and achievements of the research center in the CF therapeutic area
  • Quality and availability of resources 
  • Adherence to ethical principles
  • Mentor commitment
  • Design, execution, and monitoring of the research program by the principal investigator
  • Demonstrating a reasonable budget

C. Impact of project on understanding or treatment of CF

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