Ideally projects should have no existing funding. For projects awarded funding, additional funding for the specific research may only be accepted by the funding recipient where the funder agrees in writing that the CF RIA program funding stipulations, cited within the agreement between Vertex and the funding recipient/institution (e.g. regarding inventions and patents), take pre-eminence over any similar claims they might attempt to assert.


Funding is contingent on a Fair Market Value (FMV) assessment of a detailed research budget. Budgets should include reasonable costs within the parameters below.

  • Protocol related study costs that are not standard of care
  • Funding for hours of work which are specified in the project
  • Supplies and consumables necessary to fulfil the project’s aims
  • Animal-related costs
  • Reasonable overhead costs maxed at a rate of 25%


  • Salaries beyond recipient’s grant for their direct project work
  • Fringe benefits
  • Travel and/or housing related to sabbaticals
  • Purchase of any equipment, including office equipment
  • Fees for tuition
  • Membership dues, congress/meeting registrations, subscriptions, books or journals


Required documents

The following documents must be provided prior to the start of research. In addition, no project may begin prior to the execution of a research agreement.

  • Full clinical trial protocol 
  • IRB/REB approval
  • IACUC/CCAC approval

Award recipients are required to notify the CF RIA Steering Committee for approval prior to the implementation of any changes to their research plan.

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