Applicants should be able to start work on the project upon successful execution of the contract and receipt of all applicable research approvals. The proposed research should be completed within a 24-month period. Award recipients will be required to provide the Steering Committee with written progress reports at agreed 6-month intervals. In addition, the mentor will also be required to provide a brief written progress report at agreed 6-month intervals. 

All applicants need to be supported by the institution hosting the research. An authorized signatory will be required for the submission of the proposal.

To submit a proposal, an applicant must first download a proposal submission form (which includes guidelines for submission). After completing the form, it must be sent via email to

Approvals and declines will be provided to the applicants within 30 days of the final selection meeting.


Applicants should have a demonstrated career interest, as well as an early record of research and achievement in CF. Additionally they must meet the following criteria:

  • Affiliated with a medical or research center within the United States or Canada
  • MD, PhD, or equivalent
  • Received original academic appointment within the past 6 years and must be below the level of Associate Professor
  • Applicant’s research focuses primarily on furthering knowledge of cystic fibrosis or the biological pathways involved
  • Must have the support of a mentor with an established research career within CF who is committed to act in an advisory oversight role for the project and who will ensure that the applicant will be given the appropriate time to complete their research
  • Must have a letter from the Division Chief/Department Head confirming academic appointment and protected time throughout the project
  • Must be willing to attend the award ceremonies to share their approved research projects and present resulting data. Mentors are encouraged to attend as well

For-profit organizations are not allowed to apply to the CF RIA program (e.g. pharmaceutical companies, homecare companies, health maintenance organizations, etc.). The exceptions are research laboratories and academic institutions that may exist as part of a hospital that is run for profit.

If in doubt about eligibility, candidates should contact the CF RIA Program Manager.

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